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Wednesday 4 January 2017

Airtel 2017 Free Browsing Cheat Settings Using TweakWare

In this article is a step-by-step method on how to use Tweakware, specifically Tweakware version 4.7 to browse free on Airtel.

Though this process is very easy and quick to set up. The only problem is that it takes time to connect compared to using Psiphon to browse free on Airtel 2017, this time is due to the fact that many users are using the Airtel free browsing cheat currently and so the server is always congested. This is when using the Tweakware free server though. And tweakware has been proven to be the fastest, especially in terms of download speed, no wonder we have many users on it.

One of the best solutions in other to connect quickly is to get a tweakware premium account. Click here to see how to get it.

The tweakware premium account allows you to connect instantly and doesn't cause any server congestion or disconnections like the free account.

Also Note that Tweakware has exceeded the free user data limit to 300MB on the latest version. Which means, you will be limited to use only 300mb on free account (Free Server). i.e: after you exhaust the 300mb allocated daily to free account users, you will have to subscribe for a premium account. A more reason you might just need a premium tweakware account.

Airtel 2017 Free Browsing Cheat Settings Using TweakWare

To use this free browsing cheat, there are soe basic requirements that would be needed, these requirements include:


An Airtel sim with 0.00 balance and no data - this means that you must have no active data plan or credit on your Airtel line.

Strong 3G network - very important because with this, it would be hard for it to disconnect.

Your Android phone with Tweakware VPN

Use the default Airtel APN settings - you can click here to see the best Airtel APN Settings for any Airtel free browsing.

Here is the Settings For Airtel Free Browsing 2017 Using Tweakware


Follow the steps below to setup up this Etisalat free browsing using Tweakware VPN.

1. Download Tweakware VPN Here

2. After Downloading, Launch your Tweakware VPN

3. Goto Settings

Airtel 2017 Cheat TweakWare

4. Bundled Settings

5. Tick ✅ - Use Bundled Settings, Then Select Bundled Settings,  Choose (NG AIRTEL) 0.0K

That's all you can now select any of the Free Servers and Connect to browse.

Airtel 2017 Free Browsing Cheat Settings Using TweakWare

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