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Wednesday 30 November 2016

NCC Reverts Action To Increase Data Plan Prices In Nigeria

The Nigeria Communications Commission has reverted its action to increase the price of data. Earlier today i wrote an article on  NCC Says Internet Users Will Pay More For Data From Dec 1st which was trending all over the tech media and most tech bloggers were on the news asking how much might data now cost.

The increase in the data rate was to take effect from the first of december 2016, a new day of a new month and a new thing in the Internet atmosphere... Well its the action has been reverted and there is no need to panic any more because Internet prices would still remain the same.

It was reported that in the early afternoon of today, the senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria ordered the NCC - Nigeria Communications Commission to go and revert its proposed plans on increasing data rates.

This is a good news anyways as even i myself is glad to know that i wouldn't be paying huge for data. Instead of them to be thinking of reducing it, so that we can enjoy using the Internet without thinking of how much we may spend on data, they want to increase it...


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