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Tuesday 15 November 2016

Kitchen Home Appliances To Buy On Jumia Black Friday 2016

Jumia black friday 2016 day two, with the upgrade on kitchen essentials and some appliances. Jumia is giving upto 45% off on all home appliances that will be purchased for the black friday 2016, many retailers and consumers who what to upgrade or get new kitchen essentials and some appliances can get the best of deals and what offers jumia is giving out on kitchen essentials and some appliances today.

Below is a list of jumia offers on kitchen essentials and some appliances for the Jumia black friday 2016 which you should order for immediately (note offers are up-to-date and may change as the prices change on

Jumia Black Friday November 2016

Jumia Nigeria Offers on Kitchen Essentials and Some Appliances:
Water Dispenser MYL 833 SB - Silver/Black
₦ 32,810 ₦ 68,750  -52% - (PLACE UR ORDER NOW
Pureit Water Purifier
₦ 18,950 ₦ 33,750  -44% - (PLACE UR ORDER NOW

Blender/Grinder - BLG 450
₦ 5,900 ₦ 11,000  -46% 


Blending and Grinding features

Healthy shakes are essential for the body because they contain essential nutrients for healthy living.

The Binatone Blender/Grinder – BLG 450 is a versatile electrical kitchen appliance that makes cooking easier. With a 1.5L capacity that makes it capable of handling large quantities of fruits and vegetables in a flawless manner. The Binatone BLG-450 lets you create a variety of meals for healthy living. So whether it is juice or soup you desire, have them made fresh in your home with this efficient blending machine. You can also use it to make delicious smoothies or milkshakes thanks to its special features that make blending less of a chore.

Use to make shakes...

The Binatone BLG-450 has multi-functions that allow you mix and crush ice in cocktails, emulsify mixtures, make purees, and blend powders and granules together. Blend your pepper, melon to pastes, use fruits to make smoothies, cocktails and juice amongst other things. If you are a coffee lover, you can grind your seeds by yourself. Nuts, dried fruits and spices are equally easy to prepare.

Blender CB 8231 H
₦ 3,900 ₦ 7,800  -50%

Jug Capacity: 1.75Ltrs
Power: 400W
2-Speed Blender with Pulse
Scratch Resistant Jug
Durable Stainless steel blades
Exclusive all metal drive system
Easy-clean feature
Extra mill cup
Colour: White


S-306 Three Burner Gas Stove with Black Stripes
₦ 10,900 ₦ 14,500 -25% - (PLACE UR ORDER NOW
Induction Cooker Plus Free Fast Heating Pot
₦ 11,500 ₦ 19,220  -40% - (PLACE UR ORDER NOW

Yam Pounder YP-103 - White

₦ 23,990 ₦ 40,580  -41% - (PLACE UR ORDER NOW

Juice Extractor 8221 B1

₦ 5,670 ₦ 8,080  -30% - (PLACE UR ORDER NOW 

4.3Ltrs Kettle CK-8119D

₦ 4,820 ₦ 6,890  -30%  - (PLACE UR ORDER NOW 

2.8Liters RC907 Rice Cooker Aluminum
₦ 7,990 ₦ 13,030  -39% - (PLACE UR ORDER NOW)

Twin Tub Washing Machine MTE60-P1302S
₦ 46,040 ₦ 67,480  -32%  - (PLACE UR ORDER NOW)
Jumia Black Friday 2016 Deals


Jumia Kenya Offers on Some Products Too:

For Jumia Black Friday 2016 day one in Kenya, the Jumia Kenya is offering great discounts and deals on Baby Products, Toys and also Kids Fashion... With upto 50% off on every product purchased this day.

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To not miss out from any of the 2016 Jumia Black Friday Deals, stay up-to-date with from November 14th or you can also register your email and get a reminder on the D-day from Jumia, by visiting the Jumia specially created page for Jumia Black Friday 2016 here -👉

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  1. How do I place orders and get it swiftly in Enugu. Thanks. I love most of the products.