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Thursday 10 November 2016

Easy Method To Root Any Tecno Phantom 6 & Install TWRP

Tecno Phantom 6 is one of the most unique phones introduced by Tecno mobile in 2016,the release of the tecno phantom 6 mobile also included the launch of tecno phantom 6 plus in the tecno phantom series.

How to root tecno Phantom 6

As long as these devices remains on android operating system, nothing that cannot be done on them, especially the easiest thing to do on any smartphone today, which is rooting it, though the main reason why you will root your android device is to get full access to some functionality on the android device as it helps you to control your phone.

Here i will be discussing an easy method to root the tecno phantom 6, also with this easy method, you can also install TWRP on your tecno phantom 6 phone.

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How To Root Any Tecno Phantom 6

Now straight to the points on how to do this, note this method on how to root any tecno phantom 6 mobile phone is a very easy process. Though not 100% as easy as some steps would be taken to do this and i would be highlighting this steps here...

Below is a step by step process to root the tecno phantom 6:

Just to let you know, on the creation of the tecno phantom 6, tecno locked the bootloader of this device which makes it a little impossible to install SuperSU also another thing to know is that this device runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Requirements/Tools Needed To Root Tecno Phantom 6

Before i will go deeper into the process, i would like to list some tools and requirements, these things must be downloaded before you start anything.

Twrp recovery image (click here to download)

Super (click here to download it)

For guys who are new to rooting, but want to root the Tecno Phantom 6 by any means necessary, this might be a little bit off your grid, but this is nothing to worry about.

In the next few steps, you are going to root Tecno Phantom 6 and it will work for you. Trust me...

So How Can I Root My Tecno Phantom 6?

  1. Firstly you need to copy the file you downloaded, Super SU to both the internal and external storage of your phone, i.e the file must be in the root folder/directory of your phone memory and SD card memory.
  2. Secondly, you will need to setup ABD and Fastboot on your PC. A comprehensive guide, with videos is shown in the guide here
  3. Now Extract and copy TWRP RECOVERY.IMG into the same folder where the fastbooot.exe and abd.exe is saved on your PC
  4. You can now unlock the locked bootloader of the tecno phantom device by clicking here
  5. Next is to now connect you tecno phantom 6 to your PC using a very strong and good USB cable, this should be done while your tecno phantom 6 is switched ON, now boot the phone into fastbooot mode, as seem in the bootloader unlock guide from the link above.
  6. Now, immediately your tecno phantom 6 enters fast boot mode, flash the recovery.img file into the phone, this is done by typing the command 👉 fastboot boot recovery.img
  7. then now press Enter.
  8. You device should now automatically enter TWRP RECOVERY MODE... In the TWRP mode, if a notification pops up asking to swipe to allow modification of the System Partition, tap KEEP READ ONLY, or if TWRP offers to root the phone, select NO
  9. In the TWRP recovery, tap Install
  10. Now navigate to the location of the and then select it
  11. Then Swipe to confirm flashing of and wait till flashing is complete.
  12. Now you can Reboot the phone normally.

Immediately this is done, you can then confirm if your device is rooted by installing any root checker application.

That's all, hope this helps...

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