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Tuesday 29 November 2016

Deals Of The Day - Jumia Nigeria - November 2016

The year 2016 has been quite a decent year in the online market. One of the best month most online buyers enjoyed is the month of November, the Jumia Nigeria Market and Online Stores where the best place to have been from the 14th - 25th of November where the jumia black friday showed itself big time.

Deals Of The Day

The best time to know whats happening in the market is now folks, even though black friday is gone, it doesn't mean we would not shop on the online... We still have to do some business. It's time for me to give you the list of deals of the day for november 2016 from jumia nigeria online shopping store.
Lenovo laptops deals of the day
Lenovo laptops have been in the deals market for a while now with about 20% off their products. Lenovo Ideapad is a Dual Core 1.6Ghz 15 inch screen size laptop computer, with a 2GB RAM and Hard Disk Drive, HDD of 500GB; a very portable and usability wise laptop to shop for. Major colour in the market is black though.

Most of these products i would be describing in this article are products that for the month of november 2016 would have the best of deals of the day on jumia nigeria.

Here are some of the deals of the day for november 2016

Laptops and Convertibles:

Smartphones And Tablets:

  • Others:

You can find more bargains in our deals page

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