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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

How To Stop Data Auto Renewal On Mtn Airtel Glo 9mobile

Its nothing new that in a way or another, some of us might have had issues with our various network providers, especially when it comes to renewal of a data plan you subscribed to,  which i know many of us have fallen into the network provider renewing a data subscription without actually permitting them to do so.

This issue or problem which i can term it has been lingering for some time now since even the network providers do not give us any short codes or send us any sms to opt-out of a plan when it is on auto-renewal.

Recently, i made a subscription on the MTN network just to download a particular item like that, which was though important. After downloading what i wanted to and the data finished. Then few days later, i recharged again, this time i wanted to make a call, immediately i load the card  and it entered, i juat got a test message fro.  MTN saying that some amount have been deducted from my account because of an automatic renewal of my existing data plan. I was very angry that day because the call i wanted to make, i was not able to make it because of the credit was exhausted already. Thar is what this silly auto renewal shit can cause.

So, i came up with this post in other to avoid such occurrence to happen. I will be listing here complete method and xodes to stop any for of data auto renewals on either MTN, GLO, AIRTEL  or 9MOBILE Networks.

How To Stop Data Auto Renewal On Mtn Airtel Glo 9mobile

The first and most important step to take is to always remember that when you subscribe to a data plan, that you should opt-out immediately, so as to avoid any form of credit losses.

How To Stop Auto Renewal Of Data On MTN GLO 9MOBILE And AIRTEL Networks

To stop an auto renewal for any network in which you have subscribed for data on simply follow the sms prompt below depending on the network provider.
  • MTN NETWORK: simply send a text message "NO"  to "131"
  • GLO NETWORK: simply send a text message "CANCEL"  to "127"
  • AIRTEL NETWORK: simply send a text message "STOPAUTORENEW"  to "440"
  • 9MOBILE NETWORK: simply send a text message "STOP"  to "229"

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