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Monday 17 October 2016

How To Subscribe To The Airtel 2G Unlimited Free Data Plan

The Airtel 2G plan has been on for a while now, for many of us that do not know about this plan, the Airtel 2G network plan is a plan that allows you to browse the Internet at a cheaper rate of N200 or N500 on your phone with the 2G network only. This means that you can only use the data given to you to browse when your phone network is on 2G,or EDGE, as we all know that 2G also means EDGE.

Airtel 2G Unlimited Free Data Plan

When the Airtel 2G plan first came out sometimes in August 2016, the plan was 2GB for N200 and 6GB for N500.  The 2GB for N200 will last for 14-days, 2 weeks while the 6GB, N500 will last for 28-days,approximately 1 month.  Though then the reason behind Airtel introducing the 2G plan at that moment was because of GLO network that released a mouth-watering datoffder during data period and so Airtel decided to follow suite.

But now, the Airtel 2G plan is now unlimited and the N200 plan is for 10 days not 14 days any more. Whisch means that it is no more 2GB data or 6GB

The Airtel 2G Plan is not a weekend bundle, neither night plan, it works for both day and night, also works on all device platforms; The plan is usable on all devices; Upon subscription, it automatically deactivates any existing data plan; It only works on 2G network; No matter the strength of your network, it must be set to 2G network or else you won't be able to use your data.

How To Subscribe To The Airtel 2G Unlimited Free Data Plan

To Subscribe to any of the two Packages, either the N200 or N500:
Simply Dial *482# and follow the prompt message.

To Check your data usage, simply dial *141*7#

The plan is very okay for browsing, but you will dislike it when it comes to downloading or streaming.

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