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Wednesday 19 October 2016

Glo Internet Data Plans Changed - See New Prices

Glo Nigeria has officially changed their Internet data plans, this change has brought their Internet data plans at a cheaper price compared to other networks. This means that Glo will have the cheapest Internet data plan in Nigeria. The increase New Increased Glo Data Plans At Cheap Prices...

Glo Internet Data Plans Changed

Glo has been one of the telcos that is providing their customers with cheap data plans at an affordable prices. But the major issue with Glo is their poor network coverage. People are not very happy with this, though, there are 3G network in some locations. I have used Glo in my area but the download speed is very very poor and frustrating. I just hope with time, they will improve on their network.

Glo has re-visited their data plans to make it more affordable than it was before. I won't highlight any of the data plans here, it's better to check the list below and see for yourself. See the new data plans and prices below.


  • To subscribe for Glo 3.2GB for N1000, dial *127*53#
  • To subscribe for 7.5GB for N2000, dial *127*55#
  • To subscribe for 10GB for N2500, dial *127*58#
  • To subscribe for 12GB for N3000, dial *127*54#
  • To subscribe for 18GB for N4000, dial *127*59#
This new glo Internet data plans can be accessed  by dialling *777#.

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