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Monday 20 June 2016

MTN Backup Plan Code To UnSubscribe From It

mtn backup code unsubscribe

In this i will be highlighting the way in which you can unsubscribe from the mtn backup plan. This post occurred to me when a friend told me that for months now, MTN has removed his money almost every two-three weeks or there about, and when i asked him what they removed the money for, he told me it was for backup, he was even like, he did not know how he subscribed to it that now they are just removing his money anyhow. So i decided to do a little research on it and then i came up with this post which i know will be of great help to you; especially individuals that have one way or the other experienced what my friend went through for months with his mtn backup uncalled for subscription.

Many might even asked questions, what is this mtn backup about! to be sincere, there is nothing much to say, as the name implies its a backup, it is a way mtn cam help you keep your contacts, that is your phone contacts, so that in any case you misplaced your phone or mtn sim card, you can always get back your contacts with ease, though. As they say it is. Its really a very good idea but the problem is when they just start removing your credit, that is just the problem, and this is one thing MTN network is fond of doing.

Just in case you have been cut up one way or the other in this MTN Backup stuff, in which funny deductions on your recharge have been made. Then here i have the perfect solution to unsubscribe from the MTN Backup Plan. I also came to know that this MTN Backup is now done automatically for new MTN sims. So this means that you should not in anyway be surprised how you subscribe into this plan because MTN will automatically subscribe you to the MTN Backup Plan.

Also, how much is deducted, the amount deducted for this plan is N50 and it is for about two-three weeks before MTN removes another N50 to re-subscribe you to the MTN Backup Plan and the funny thing is that MTN up till date hasn't given the code to unsubscribe from this Backup Plan. But I will be showing you how to unsubscribe from thr the MTN Backup Plan here.

How To UnSubscribe From The MTN Backup Plan

To unsubscribe from the MTN Backup Plan, all you need do is to send a text message to a short code.

Send the word STOP to 307

Note that the word STOP you would be sending should all be in capital letters. Now you should receive a text-message confirmation that you have unsubscribe from the MTN Backup Plan. That's All.

Hope this helps. Make sure you share this with friends too!

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