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Tuesday 10 May 2016

Tecno Camon C8 - How To Root Device on Android 6.0 OS

With the new update on the tecno camon c8 device, most users of this device would by now have updated their phones.

For those yet to perform an Android 6.0 Marshmallow upgrade to their tecno camon c8 device, you can do this upgrade now by using tge "software" "system" update application on your device.


Lately you must have to root yoy device to use some applications on Android. Perhaps to be able to perform more function on the device or to explore more which will require you to rooting your device.

I got reports that popular rooting applications such as Kingroot, Vroot, Framaroot, Tecnoroot, Rootgenius, and others are not working to root the tecno camon c8 device.

In this post is a step by step guide to do the rooting of this device. The only thing here is that the process is a little lengthy and you have ti download some softwares on your device to make the rooting work properly.

Method To Root Any Tecno Camon C8 Android 6.0 Device

As i had hinted before, the process is a little long, and you will be downloading some softwares on your computer to root it. Also some materials will be need.

Materials Needed Are As Follows:

1. Internet Connection
2. USB, connected to your computer
3 SP Flash, Click Here To Download
4.,  Download It Here
5. The CWM for Tecno Camon C8 Marshmallow,  Download Here

STeps To Follow In Rooting Tecno Camon C8 Device 

To root your tecno camon c8 device;

1. Download and Save the file on your device SD card

2. Using your PC, unzip the CWM for Tecno Camon C8 Marshmallow, TWRP file Downloaded and then with a USB connection, use this to flash the recovery image to the device using SP Flash Tool.

3. You can now boot your  phone to the TWRP Recovery Mode by holding the phone's Volume Up button and Power button at the same time.

4. Using this  TWRP Recovery Mode, Locate you device SD card where you downloaded the file

5. Scroll down to yes, and select it,  to install.

6. You can now locate Reboot, to reboot your device.

That's all you have to do in rooting you tecno camon c8 device on android 6..0 operating system, its a little simple, but the process is just long.

You can also confirm if your device is truly rooted by downloading and installing a rooted checker application for yor device.  Click Here to Download Root Checker

Remember that for you to Update your device later in case there is any new software updates, you will have to UNROOT it.

All Credits to SHELAF TECH.

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