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Tuesday 17 May 2016

How To Renew Your MTN Night Plan To Get 1GB For N50

The MTN Night plan had been on for quite some time now, and i know that many internet users would have been on using with very well.

In this post i will be showing you a simple trick in which you can use to renew the MTN Night Plan, remember it cannot be renewed normally after subscription, but here i will show you.

This trick has been tested and its works well, though i don't have screenshots or image proofs, as i could not do that when i subscribe, but seriously you need to try this trick out.

With this trick, you can now get 1GB for N50, after you exhaust 500MB and still want to browse more.

You can also check out the recent post i added on the 3 new MTN Night plan from 9pm to 6am. Though this plan am posting about here is from 12am to 4am.

Lets go straight to business;

How To Renew The MTN Night Plan To Get More Data

This trick is pretty simple, to renew your night plan and get 1GB extra for N50, simply follow the steps below:

1. First send BT to 131, you will get a message saying that you have migrated to MTN BETTER TALK.

2. Now, Dial *406*1# to migrate back to MTN PULSE, Please note that migration is free and no charges are involved.

3. Then send NIGHT to 131

That’s it, You have now renewed your MTN Night Plan.

But of course this trick has stopped few months ago, please i want you to note that you can't accumulate this data plan and you can't subscribe for another 500MB again after you've exhausted the first 500MB , until the following night.  This simply means that you only get 500MB for N25 on a SIM in a night , since

Since that the case, the best method to use to get more data on the mtn night plan is to just get yourself as many MTN SIMs as possible and start using them one after the other. If you've got good mathematical knowledge then it simply means that you can get 1GB for just N50 with two MTN SIMs , 2GB for just N100 with four MTN SIMs and so on like that.


How To Check MTN Night Plan Data Balance

Just to let you know, there is no particular method or special way mtn has deviced to check your mtn night plan data balance, but i will be showing you two ways you can check it.

1. Using you Data Usage to track the amount of data you have used, goto your phone settings, then look for data usage.
2. This second method does not really work always but, its a means to check your data balance on mtn pulse. Dial *131*4# or send a message 2 to 131



  1. How do I check my balance

    1. To check you data balance, you can use the data usage application on your Android phone or send 2 to 131 or dial *131*4# on your phone.

  2. i just wasted my time reading this. you knew there is no way to renew the plan, yet you made a heading about it.

    1. sorry about that, just that as of writing the post then,,, likely there was,,, but i couldn't have deleted the, so i updated it. as u read, trick stopped