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Saturday 10 June 2017

A Full Review On Google Adsense Matched Content

Today, so many blogs have been approved for the Adsense Matched Content Feature, its a great thing having it on your website or blog, as it could bring you more income on your blog.

Google Adsense has overtime being the best internet money making agency were publishers or site owners run to. Of course i was not be surprised on the new Adsense Matched Content Feature which came out officially last year 2015. Pretty a good idea one will say, as this will even make Google have more publisher to their platform and also by making it easy for your site readers to find the content or a post that is related to what they have searched for or read on your site.
adsense matched content feature

A little about the Matched Content Feature!
The Google Adsense Matched Content is a free tool created by Google, just like you all know what Google Adsense does, this tool is a simple and very easy way in which you can promote your sites posts. With the Matched Content tool, visitors to your website will really find it easy to know about related articles you have on your website and also in good terms increase your website page views.

With the Matched Content tool your users will tend to spend more time on your website since they have many articles to read from, your adverts impressions will increase solely not forgetting how this will in turn generate more ad revenue for you. Also one cool thing i love about the Google Adsense Matched Content Tool, is that you can choose the pages where you would like the various article recommendation to appear, which is another great stuff Google has done.  This Matched Content article recommendations are based on similar posts, which are related to a post on your website.

This matched content feature as i had hinted above can help to increase your site's page views too, as visitors can now get more related post stuffs, increasing your sites revenue.

For those Bloggers/Site Owners that have been approved for the Matched Content Feature, this means that such websites has meet th Google minimum requirements of traffic volume and unique page views, to be eligible.

Is your Blog or Site Eligible for the matched content feature?

In this post I will be giving my review on the Adsense Matched Content Feature, Reviewing:
  • How You Check If Your Blog is Eligible For Adsense Matched Content Feature
  • How You Create A Matched Content Unit From Your Adsense Account
  • How You Make More Money Online With An Adsense Matched Content Unit
Of course there are lots to be discussed on concerning the adsense matched content feature, but this three points i will be reviewing, i believe is very important we know and will also be of help to others that may be having one or two issues on this.

How You Check If Your Blog is Eligible For Adsense Matched Content Feature

Well this process is a very easy one, to check if your blog or website is approved for the Adsense Matched Content Feature;

1. Sign in to your Google Adsense Account.

2. Click on the "Settings" (at the top right corner)

3. Then on "Site Management"

The Site Management page contains your list of sites that you have submitted as "your owned sites", just hover your mouse through the list and you will then see a label "ready" beside the approved ones, this means that the sites with the "ready label" has been approved and is eligible for the adsense matched content feature.

How You Create A Matched Content Unit From Your Adsense Account

In creating the adsense matched content Ad Unit;

1. Sign in to your Google Adsense Account.

2. Click the "My ads" tab.

3. Bg the sidebar, click "Content".

4. The Click on "+New ad unit".

adsense matched content feature
see image preview above
5. Name your new Matched Content Ad unit.

6. From the "Ad size" section, choose an ad size that fits your layout. Automatic Size (Responsive) is always recommended!

7. From the "Ad type" drop-down again, select "Matched content" only.

8. In the "Text ad style" section, apply a style for your Matched content ad unit, also you can add a custom channel to track your Matched content ad unit, (This process is Optional)

9. Click "Save" and "get code".

10. Then copy and paste the matched content ad code created into the HTML page or widget of your site that has been approved for matched content.

For better usability, Google recommends that you place your Matched content ad code unit directly below your article or below the fold as it is called.

While the Matched content settings are noticed by Google systems, standard ads may serve in your Matched content ad unit. To avoid such system ads, just wait a while, like 15mins before inserting the code to your site.

Matched content units can also improve the visibility and engagement rate of your ad units.

How You Make More Money Online With An Adsense Matched Content Unit

You Can Now More Make Money With Adsense Matched Content Unit, If your blog or website has been approved for this feature, revenue generation can start then, all you need do is to allow ads appear with the recommended content that is displayed in the matched content ad unit you created.

How You Allow Ads In Your Adsense Matched Content Ad Unit Created?

To show ads in your adsense matched content ad unit, there are two ways this can be done:

1. You can turn on the "Allow ads" when you have just created the matched content ad unit;

2. You can edit one of the or a matched content ad unit. (by just following the process of creating a matched content ad unit as described in step 2 above)
adsense matched content feature
see a preview photo of a matched content ad unit above showing ads
Also, In this feature you must know that Google is allowed to try out different ad types, or ad sizes too but Google will only that provide ads that perform well with a good user experience.

Few Important Tips To Note About The Matched Content Units

  1. This matched content units give very relevant attraction to your visitors which means that you will have an increase in page views and also the time spent on your site. 
  2. The Matched content units can be placed on any of you sites pages you choose to place it in as long as the website you are placing this matched content unit is an eligible site. 
  3. The units do not count towards your Google content ads per page. 
  4. If the "Allow ads" is on, then you should see ads on your matched content units.
  5. This units work perfectly on mobile, tablet, and even desktop. Making the units more user friendly. 
Also Note: Gooogle AdSense policies still applies to the Adsense Matched content ads and also, the revenue can be tracked by from "Performance reports" tab.


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