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Wednesday 8 June 2016

Get 750MB On The Airtel Network For N500

Airtel is now giving cheap data as it has launched another new data plan for ot subscribers. Few hours ago i added a post on Airtel renewing their night plans which was closed for a while, now Airtel has come up with the new plan that gives you 750MB, only for N500.

This plan i must comment is really affordable and good, making it a total of 1.5GB for N1000, very nice, because it gives you an extra 500MB from the usual N1000, 1GB subscription from other networks.

Airtel users seem now to be the ones enjoying cheap data in this new week, not forgetting how mtn slashed their data plans making it cheaper than ever before, this information was the trend all over last week.

Now this is the new hit. Airtel 750MB for N500. Let's go straight to the point.

How To Subscribe 750MB Using N500

You might be wondering how long is this plan going to last, as i had hinted above that 1.5GB for N1000, it means that this plan is for 14days, that is two weeks.

This plan is not a tweak stuff or a cheat, it is a normal plan. I just confirmed it from a friend who uses Airtel regularly. The message stated:

"Get the EASY PLAN Today and enjoy 750MB Worth of data for just N500.Simply dial *418# or click on to subscribe valid for 14 days."

That's the message he received.

This Plan works perfectly on all devices, moderm or computer.

To subscribe for this plan;

1. Make sure yiur first have at least N500 on your phone.

2. Then dial *418#... That's all, you are subscribed

3. You can check your data balance by simply dialling *140#

Ensure you drop Your Comment if you encounter any issues while doing this!

Aslo make sure you share this posts with friends too.

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