Friday, 6 May 2016

Free Facebook Internet Now On Airtel With No Data or Credit


Finally Airtel has entered the league of free browsing networks, its really being a long time since this happened. Compared to other mobile or telecom networks in Nigeria, the airtel network has being difficult to Crack for free Internet and also in giving out free data too. 

But finally one is here, Free Facebook Internet, Thanks to some webmasters and tech experts that discovered this, you can now enjoy free Facebook browsing on the airtel network. This service is free and unlimited. 

With no data or credit on your phone, Facebook can now be accessed non-stop. Though, this service is powered by Airtel Nigeria. Its pretty cool because everyone one does Facebook.

The good thing about this free Facebook browsing is that it requires no special configuration settings or application. Pretty coll right! 

How To Setup FREE Facebook Browsing On Airtel

Well, as hinted above, there is no special settings or whatever for this free browsing.

First: Insert back your Airtel SIM into your phone, yes because most of us might have dumped the sim card somewhere since no free data for a long while.

Second: Open any of your web browsers and visit this link:

That’s all. Just use your default airtel settings.

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