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Thursday 12 May 2016

Etisalat Nigeria Data Plan Bundle Now Reduced

This one that every telecom network is changing data plan bundle cost is getting more and more interesting. As Etisalat as now joined the race to reducing their data bundle and cost, it seems Internet browsing cost of the Etisalat network is better.

MTN had started all the data reduction stuff few days ago and now that Etisalat has joined, am very sure it would not take longer before other telecoms company do same.

Yeah, its no news now that etisalat has revised their data plan. The thing that baffled me most is still the cost of the data. Though you shouldn't be surprised, Etisalat data cost has always been expensive. Just Imagine the 10GB subscription is N10,000.

Like whats that suppose to mean, 1GB still N1,000. Hmm, don't really know what they are upto this time. I don't think they are ready to complete at all. They reduce data plan prices and still 10GB is N10,000. When MTN network gives that same 10GB for N5,000 which is half the price.

Well, i can't shout though. The thing is that people will still subscribe to this.

Below is an image and a list of the Etisalat new data bundles and thier prices.

Etisalat data plan codes

As you can see the review on plans is applied to all monthly data plans..

The Data Bundle is Listed Below:


1.5GB - N1,000, SMS AND1 TO 229

3.5GB - N2,000, SMS AND2 TO 229

8GB - N8,000, SMS MB6 TO 229

10GB - N10,000, SMS SM1 TO 229

15GB - N15,000, SMS SM2 TO 229

20GB - N18,000, SMS SM3 TO 229

Thats all, this post is only to update us all on the revised etisalat data plans cost.

What do you think?

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