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Sunday 1 January 2017

Buy A Domain In Nigeria At $3 On Godaddy.Com

Buying a domain here can be a very tasking issue. Tasking in such a way that it is not because there it is stressful getting the domain, like the process you will have to pass through on the Internet but the main problem we most Nigeria upcoming webmasters who have purchased domains one way or the other have complained about is the cost of the domains. Especially in times like this were the exchange rate of a dollar to naira is not cheap at all.

In this post, we will be solving the problem of cost of getting a domain name here in Nigeria. Normally a domain name from any normal namr registrar goes for about $12 which right now with the huge rate of a dollar to a naira could be over N4000.

godaddy 1 dollar discount coupon

With Godaddy, one of the top domain name registrar on the Internet, you can get a domain of your choice for as low as $3 equivalent to about N900 in naira.

I have used godaddy most of the time i purchasing cheap domain and it has been a successful process all the way. You too can purchase any domain of your choice very cheap for as low as $3.

Firstly, You need to Sign-Up for an account at

Registration is free any simple, just follow all the steps and processes you are asked to pass through.

Godaddy has been on for years now and many webmasters have really benefited from this offer. Whenever i use godaddy and come across a $3 domain  from godaddy, because this discounts usually come up one every month, i grab such offers instantly.

How To Purchase A Domain On For As Low As $3 With Coupon Code

1. Create An account on as i have hinted above. 

2. Search and add a domain of your choice to your shopping cart.

3. Immediately the price is updated, you can then click on continue to checkout and make the required payment.

IMPORTANT  INFO: Every Godaddy Coupon Code has different terms and conditions, and they also expire after a certain date. But note that;

1. The discount coupon code is valid for 1-year of domain registration only, this means that when you want to renew the domain after a year, you will pay the normal amount. Also, that the offer is valid for a new domain purchase.

2. PayPal payments are not accepted using Coupon Codes.

3. All Type of Visa or Mastercard or Credit/Debit card is accepted.

Remember that these coupons are updated monthly, so i will be updating new posts on this subsequently.


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