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Saturday, 16 September 2017

How To Check Data (MB) Balance On 9Mobile Network + New Blaze On Plan

Sometimes when you subscribe to a data plan on 9Mobile, checking your data balance could be a little tedious. But in this post are two (2) similar ways you can check you data balance.

For users of 9Mobile data, just maybe you are stuck to just one way of verifying your data balance. This post shows you all methods.

How To Check Data Balance On 9Mobile

How To Check Data (MB) Balance On 9Mobile Network

1. Check Data Balance On 9Mobile By Text Message

Simply send a text message with content info and send the message to 228.

You would receive a message containing information about your data balance, and the expiry date included.

2. Check Data Balance On 9Mobile By USSD Code

The USSD code is derived from the SMS method so it is easy to remember.

On your mobile phone, just dial *288# and press the send or call B.utton.

You will receive a notification about your data balance.

About 9Mobile Blaze On Plan

One of the newest data plans introduced by 9Mobile is the Blazeon. It is a time-based data plan where you pay for the right to have unlimited Internet access for a time limit.

Actually, the Blazeon itself is an android app that monitors the data usage of the subscriber. So to use this package, one needs to download the Blazeon app and install it on an Android device.

Different categories of BlazeOn data plan include:
  • 10 minutes for N50
  • 15 minutes for N70
  • 30 minutes for N120
  • 60 minutes for N200
Obviously, you won’t need a code to check any data balance here as everything depends on the time.

This plan is good if you want to download heavily; remember it requires using the 9Mobile BlazeOn App, you can download app here.

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